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2023 End of Year Update

In November of 2023, we sent out an end of the year report that highlighted the amazing year of ministry that Reorient has had this year


Dear Friends

Year-end gifts to help us sustain and continue this work. If you are financially able, we would be deeply honored if you would consider making a generous year-end gift to Reorient. We are not funded by any large institutions. Our sole support is provided from the consistent and ongoing generosity of people like you. Every gift is met with appreciation and gratitude regardless of the amount.
Grace, Peace & Gratitude,
Dean & Rhonda


What is the average donation given for a Reorient Cohort or a Reorient Mentoring Session

  • A Reorient Sourced Life Mentoring Session donation typically ranges between $75 - $150 per session.

  • Reorient's Cohorts are valued at about
    $15 - 20 per weekly session. 
    (example: a 10 weeks = $150 - $200)

Is there a way to increase my monthly Mighty Networks Platform Donation?

There is...but it is a little tricky. If you would like to do this feel free to reach out and we will help walk you through it.

What if I can't make a donation at this time?

Give when and if you are able.

If a donation is too much for you right now, please register anyway. We are thrilled to have you!

Your tax-deductible donations make possible the work of Reorient:

Reorient Sourced Life Mentoring 

Reorient Online Cohorts
(Online Community)

The only way this work is possible is through generous donations from people like you, people who believe in this work and want to be a part of seeing it flourish.

Thank you for Supporting the work of Reorient!

*Reorient Mentoring is a 501c3 Non Profit corporation in the State of Wisconsin

All donations are tax-deductible.    

If you would like to send a check please send it to: 

Reorient Mentoring 

9011W. Donges Bay Rd.

Mequon, Wisconsin 53097

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