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Spiritual Mentorship uniquely designed
for where you are and where you are being invited to 

Spiritual Direction   |  Enneagram Coaching  |  Life Narrative  |  Habit Transformation  |  Contemplative Practice

"Reorient has helped me understand how I am wired and guided me toward a healthier version of myself."

- Jon M.

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Reorient Sourced-Life Mentoring engages

  • Spiritual Direction 

  • Contemplative Practices  

  • True Identity Work with The Enneagram

  • And Your Unique Life Story

in pursuit of your Truest Self and the unique vocations of your life.      

"Reorient Mentoring invited me into a framework for God that was not interested in cheap certainty, but a God as boundless as the cosmos, in which we live and move and have our very being."




Dean Stelow has spent 25 years developing his approach to Life Mentoring and Spiritual Direction with a relentless commitment to Truth that frees and releases us into our fullest life. Dean has a particular heart desire to create safe space for people of faith wrestling with life, the church and their faith.

He has had the privilege of studying with and receiving Spiritual Direction from Joe and Suzanne Stabile. He has also received mentoring and training in The Whole Life Mentoring Model from Wes Roberts, founder of Leadership Design Group.

Dean is that rare, vibrant and sacred combination of a man gifted by the Creator to guide others

into becoming fully all they are.

Wes Roberts

Founder/CCO: Chief Creative Officer

Leadership Design Group


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