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The work we do with others is offered freely with the opportunity to make a donation. 

We are also supported through the prayers, love and financial gifts of people like you

who believe in us and our work. 

Ways to Support Reorient

  1. Pray for us!

  2. Support Dean and Reorient Mentoring with a one time or monthly gift.

  3. Provide a Retreat Space (House/Cabin/Facility) during specific dates to host a Reorient Retreat or Workshop.

*Reorient Mentoring is a 501c3 Non Profit corporation in the State of Wisconsin

All donations are tax-deductible.    

If you would like to send a check please send it to: 


Reorient Mentoring 

W215N10367 Laurel Court 

Colgate, Wisconsin 53017

"When I opened up to him about my crisis of faith, he responded with a vision of a God large enough to handle my questions. Maybe this God could even be found in my questioning...and in this moment...and in the space between us." 

- Alec