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Introduction to Silence Retreat

"Silence is God's first language" - St. John of the Cross

Reorient Retreats and Workshops

Introduction to Silence

There is a hunger in today's world for a quieter more centered existence. For many, the idea of entering into a quieter lifestyle seems out of

reach, strange or even impossible. 


Reorient's Introduction to Silence Retreats engage modern and ancient practices with wisdom from the Christian household to help busy people reorient their lives around the present reality of Divine Love. 

Introduction to Silence Retreat
Weakness and Contradictions Retreat

Reorient Retreats and Workshops

Holding Our Weakness and Contradictions

Every human being is a living contradiction of darkness and light. This powerful retreat is specifically designed through teaching and practice to reorient our posture toward weakness and contradiction while discovering the transforming presence of Divine Love and Grace.

We will explore:

Where and How is God in the contradictions?

The Design of Weakness 

Lessons from the Lies

Wonderfully Limited

“ A life that wishes to honour its own possibility has to learn too how to integrate the suffering of dark and bleak times into a dignity of presence.”

- John O'Donohue

Weakness and Contradictions Retreat
The Inner Landscape Retreat

"There was a season when I wanted to walk away from my life's calling. I was hurt, exhausted and bitter. On a three day spiritual retreat, Dean's guidance was the catalyst God used to steady my heart." - Josh  READ MORE 

Reorient Retreats and Workshops

The Inner Landscape

The inner landscape of our being is where our Truest Life resides. Jesus promised a reward to those who find and live from resources of this inner Reality. This practical retreat will help us discover and navigate the mysterious region (the Kingdom of God) within us that faithfully lies beneath the noise and numbing distraction of our stress-creating worlds.  


We will explore:

The Inner Room

The Power of the Space

Finding the Treasure in the Field 

Imagining with God 

Listening and Healing

The Inner Landscape Retreat

Reorient Retreats and Workshops

The Sacredness of Work

With schedules, budgets, planning and deadlines it is so easy to forget that we are designed to participate together in the ongoing creation of the world. 


In this Reorient Workshop, we will explore how an ancient understanding of the sacredness of our vocation impacts and releases purpose, collaboration and organizational integrity.

We will explore:

Work as New Creation

The Divine Reflection

Vocational Integrity

The Sacredness of Work Retreat

“Vocation does not mean a goal that I pursue. It means a calling that I hear.”

- Parker Palmer

The Sacredness of Work Retreat
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