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Our Mission & Approach 

We exist people awaken to the sacredness of Life.

  • Providing experienced, wholistic life mentorship using the Sourced Life Model

  • Providing individual and group Spiritual Direction. 

  • Creating safe space for evolving faith and Growth.

  • Provide caring space those who have been hurt by or simply find themselves without a faith community.


What is the cost?

Reorient is a 501c3 non-profit organization supported by donations. 

Experiences with Reorient are funded by people like you who believe in the work we do. Please consider giving a generous gift to support this sacred work. 


Dean Stelow

Founder of Reorient Mentoring

Dean Stelow is uniquely gifted with a deep sense of calling to walk alongside others on their journey. His passion is to help people reorient around the active, present help of Divine Love while discovering the sacredness of their own life, the life of others, and Creation itself. 

Dean has spent 25 years developing his approach to mentoring with a relentless commitment to truth that frees and releases us into fullness and wholeness.

He has had the privilege of studying with and receiving Spiritual Direction from Joe and Suzanne Stabile and has received mentoring and training in The Whole Life Mentoring Model by Wes Roberts, founder of Leadership Design Group.

Dean is a gifted speaker, writer and spiritual mentor. He is the founder of Reorient Mentoring and Curator and Host of the online community,  Reorient Collective - safe space for evolving faith. 

Dean and his wife live in Mequon, Wisconsin with 3 of their 6 children and are enjoying the recent arrival of their first granddaughter.

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